After the match, Liberty Lane was brought back to her senses and escorted back to the locker rooms. Her tournament path was over for a second time. Before getting ready for the showers, she sat down on the ground and sobbed as she came to a realization. Tonight, she had let down Raquel Balboa (again), Akira Asuka, and the fans (again). Luiza Lima did not need any distractions… she had beaten her fair and square. And that’s when Liberty Lane realized that her boxing career was over. She was once a mighty champion, but in recent years, she saw that reputation crumble away thanks to boxers like Vanity Vale, Ivanna Payne, and Luiza Lima. There was a new slew of fighters on the boxing scene… younger, quicker, stronger. Raquel Balboa was currently recruiting many of them for her new boxing league. Liberty realized she was a fighter past her prime. It was time for her to retire of her own free will and let these new fighters have their day. Maybe a new champion would rise in this new league and bring the same type of honor she once did long ago. And with that, Liberty Lane headed to the showers and prepared to return home, leaving her foxy boxing career behind.