Month: September 2017

B.A.B.E. Classics – Ashley’s Story, Part 3

Join Liberty Lane for the final part of her 3-part interview with B.A.B.E. champion, Ashley Powers.
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B.A.B.E. Classics – Payne vs. Rayne!

Two of B.A.B.E.’s old villain go at it in Season 1. One will be forced out of the league!

‘Rocky’s Comeback’ – Headline News

The aftermath of ‘Rocky’s Comeback’.

Rocky’s Comeback – The Match

The legendary Raquel Balboa, former undefeated champion and former B.A.B.E. owner, makes her return to the ring against the vicious and undefeated Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee.

Will Raquel show the world she’s back to reclaim her glory or will Tonya score the victory adding the legend to her list of victims?