Month: June 2017

B.A.B.E. Episode 4 Results!

Here they are, the results from the fourth B.A.B.E. lineup!

B.A.B.E. Episode 3 Results! (Delayed)

Sorry for the delay but here were the results for the third B.A.B.E. episode!

Episode 4: Ashley Powers vs. Corporal K.O.

Tonight, the B.A.B.E. Champion, Ashley Powers, faces a new threat from the powerful Corporal K.O.
In this battlefield, will the army brat Corporal K.O. stand victorious or can Ashley Powers overcome her strength?


Episode 4: The Asian Sensation vs. The Latin Spitfire

Are you ready for the next bout? Both the Asian Sensation and the Latin Spitfire make their return to the ring tonight!
But only one will be leaving the ring with arms raised in victory.


Episode 4: Roxy Starr vs. The Bouncin’ Bombshell

In the next fight, the punk pugilist Roxy Starr puts her gloves up against the athletic cheerleader The Bouncin’ Bombshell!
Who will be cheering at the end?


Episode 4: Fuschia vs. Farah Fox

The pop sensation Fuschia returns to the ring to do battle with the foxy Farah Fox!
But this ring’s only big enough for one victorious beauty. Who will it be?


Episode 4: The Brooklyn Bomber vs. The Italian Knockout

Get set for more beautiful boxing mayhem when the ‘Brooklyn Bomber’ Brooke Steiner goes toe-to-toe with B.A.B.E. rising star Tina ‘The Italian Knockout’ Corretti!
Can the Bomber end Tina’s winning streak?