“Raquel Balboa was the most popular champion the Foxy Boxing League had seen yet. With Liberty Lane by her side, Balboa defeated every boxer that challenged her for the title. She helped promote the sport in her spare time and brought even more recognition to Foxy Boxing. After a long time as champion, Raquel Balboa’s career culminated in the match of her life against Rayne, the women people dubbed ‘The Champion Killer.’ After a long, hard-fought match, Raquel Balboa was left standing, having stopped Rayne’s path of destruction. And then Raquel officially retired, undefeated, from her championship boxing career. Many insiders think that Raquel saw the shut down of the Foxy Boxing League coming and decided to retire before the league’s closure. For this reason, Raquel Balboa was allowed to keep the championship belt, with many feeling she had earned it through her hard work.”