“Hello B.A.B.E. fans! Thank you for joining me today. And thank you for your continued support these last few months! Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the 2nd season of B.A.B.E. We’ve got some great boxers in the league, some new fighters, some new rivalries, and some great action. But many of you want to know what happened in Season 1. Well, let me catch you up. As you know, after I retired my championship belt, I made the announcement for my new league. As I started work on that, I asked Liberty Lane to take part in an international tournament against champions from around the world. No, Liberty Lane didn’t win, but I was still proud of her. She proved that no matter what, she was still a champion in spirit. Well, as that tournament was going on, I was traveling around the country and the world, recruiting new women for my league.”