Month: April 2017

B.A.B.E.’s Most Wanted: Ashley Powers

Everyone wants a piece of the champ!MostWanted

Episode 3: Ashley Powers vs. The Brooklyn Bomber

The Brooklyn Bomber gets her shot at B.A.B.E. gold when she challenges the champion, Ashley Powers, for the belt!

Episode 3: The Texas Tornado vs. Farah Fox

In the next match, the Texas Tornado takes on Farah Fox after how she treated the Golden Glove in the last B.A.B.E. card!

Episode 3: Irish Rose vs. The American Dream

In our next match, the punch-happy Irish Rose attempts to destroy the American Dream’s perfect record when they meet head-on!

Will the Dream be trampled over or will she be raising the flag high when it’s all over?

Full match available here:

Episode 3: The California Cutie vs. The Jade Fist

In our fifth match tonight, the California Cutie laces up the gloves and jumps back in the ring against the silent and cold Jade Fist.

Episode 3: Tara Armstrong vs. The Shadow

Get ready for another match of exciting action! The Shadow meets Tara Armstrong head-to-head in the squared circle.

Episode 3: The Golden Glove vs. The Terror

Coming up next, Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee accepts the Golden Glove’s challenge from the last B.A.B.E. card.