The Texas Tornado


Name: Daisy ‘The Texas Tornado’ Taylor
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Age: 23
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130

Talk about a down-home country girl. . . that’s what the Tornado is all about!

Growing up with five brothers on a farm toughened her up real good. As a child, she always stood up to bullies and helped all the kids smaller than her when they were picked on. As she grew older, she started boxing in backyard charity tournaments and won every fight! A traveling trainer caught one of her bouts and decided to take her under his wing.

 Eventually, she caught the eye of Raquel Balboa during one of her recruitment trips, and soon Daisy began training with the former champion and joined B.A.B.E.
She’s now one of the top boxers in the league with an undefeated record.
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