The Rumblin’ Rocket


Name: Amber ‘The Rumblin’ Rocket’ Skye
Hometown: Portland, OR
Age: 20
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 124 pounds
Character: Face

Amber was an old schoolmate of Cheryl Williams and followed her lead into the boxing world. She also left her cheerleading career behind in pursuit of championship dreams. Eventually, she and Cheryl joined up to support each other, train with each other, and cheer each other on during their matches. They became knows as the Pom Pom Punchers and took the boxing world by storm.

But eventually, Amber took on a challenge she was unable to beat and was forced to leave B.A.B.E. However, a year later Amber was allowed to return and now she’s back, reunited with her boxing partner, Cheryl ‘The Bouncin’ Bombshell’ Williams!

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