The Red Scare


Name: Nikita ‘The Red Scare’ Drago
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Age: 24
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 128

Nikita grew up with a family who yearned for the Communist days of Russia. She was brought up to believe in Russian superiority and carries on the banner of Cold War days.

She began her career as a wrestler and dominated most of her opponents in the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling league, but lost her wrestling championship belt to Tina Corretti. She returned to Russia and switched over to a boxing career and found she loved that sport even more. After conquering women back home, she returned to the U.S., making her mark on B.A.B.E. Her goal is to put the “Red Scare” back into the minds of Americans.

This season, she has a protégé under her wing: The Latin Spitfire!

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