The Bouncin’ Bombshell


Name: Cheryl ‘The Bouncin’ Bombshell’ Williams
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 20
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 121 pounds

Cheryl is a fun-lovin’ sorority girl who left her cheerleading team behind to pursue boxing. It all started with a friendly challenge between two sororities that included a powder-puff boxing category. Cheryl beat her opponent and fell in love with the sport, so she decided to pursue foxy boxing as a career.

During her time training, she convinced another cheerleading friend, Amber Skye, to join in with her and together they became known as The Pom Pom Punchers, supporting each other in each of their matches! But a boxing challenge gone awry soon broke the team apart and Cheryl continued on with her B.A.B.E. career while her friend departed.

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