Name: Rayne

Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany
Age: 24
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140
Character: Heel

Rayne built a frightening reputation around the world, taking out various international Champions. In time, she came to be known as the Champion Killer. Her goal was never actually to acquire championship belts, but rather to embarrass the champions in their home countries.

However, she finally met her match when she faced American Foxy Boxing Champion, Raquel Balboa. Raquel thought long and hard about approaching Rayne to join her new B.A.B.E. league, but in the end, decided that she needed the best fighters around and Rayne was one of them.

Surprisingly, Rayne accepted the offer. She wanted to demolish all of the women Raquel had recruited to prove she was the greatest boxer around.
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