Lana Sinclair


Name – Lana Sinclair
Hometown – New York, NY
Age – 26
Weight – 135
Height – 5’7″
Character: Face

Lana Sinclair was one of Raquel Balboa’s earliest recruits into B.A.B.E. when the league started. She knew that if she could get Sinclair to join, it would bring a good reputation to the league and grab people’s attention.
And she was right! Lana Sinclair had a popular reputation in and out of the boxing ring. She spent her early years climbing through the ranks to become a formidable boxer. But she also promoted the sport across the country, bringing new fans to the world of foxy boxing.
Now, she had decided to join B.A.B.E. and became known as “B.A.B.E.’s Shining Light.”
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