Ivanna Payne


Name: Ivanna Payne
Hometown: Boston, MA
Age: 25
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 132
Character: Heel

Another former Foxy Boxing champion who joined B.A.B.E. early on. Raquel Balboa knew that to make her league the best, she had to bring in the best, even if that included her old rivals.

After destroying and retiring ex-champion Liberty Lane, Ivanna Payne went on to capture the Foxy Boxing Championship belt from Vanity Vale and started a reign of terror in that old league. She was finally stopped by Raquel Balboa and spent the next several months licking her wounds.
Now, she took Raquel up on her offer to join B.A.B.E. and got ready to begin a new reign… once she captured the B.A.B.E. belt!
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