B.A.B.E. Episodes

Sonia Patel Moves Forward

Sonia Patel works through her recent setback… (more…)

The Contest Winner

The winner of the ”Train With B.A.B.E. Boxers” raffle contest…


Foxy Boxing Weekly – The Bitch Is Back!

The latest in foxy boxing news! (more…)

B.A.B.E. Episode 13 Results

The winners from Episode 13! (more…)

Episode 13 Main Event: Battle of the Bombshells!


This is it folks! The official end of the Pom-Pom Punchers as two former friends collide in the ring to settle their long-simmering differences.

The Bouncin’ Bombshell faces the Bitchin’ Bombshell in a fight to the finish!


Episode 13: The Shadow vs. Raquel Balboa

The legend, Raquel ‘Rocky’ Balboa, returns to the B.A.B.E. ring! And in her return match, she takes on the domineering Shadow!

Can Raquel re-ignite her former success or will the Shadow prove to the world that Rocky’s time is over?


Episode 13: The Asian Sensation vs. The Hurricane

The Asian Sensation gets back in the B.A.B.E. ring and faces the formidable Hurricane!

Can the Sensation overcome the might of her opponent or will the Hurricane drown her in a downpour of punches?