Episode 14

The Showstopper Shows No Concern

Margot Moore doesn’t seem too worried about her match tonight…


The Brooklyn Bomber, Ready For Action

The Brooklyn Bomber is ready for the next B.A.B.E. bout on tonight’s card…


Farah Fox’s New Challenge

Farah Fox interrupts tonight’s B.A.B.E. event as she comes out to revel in her ‘Loser Leaves B.A.B.E.’ defeat of the California Cutie… (more…)

Episode 14: Lana Sinclair vs. Roxy Starr

Lana Sinclair continues her B.A.B.E. return as she accepts a challenge from Roxy Starr. But is her head in the right place for this fight?

Let’s find out as the newest B.A.B.E. fight card begins! (Free Match!) (more…)

Roxy Starr Ready For Action!

Roxy Starr has some words for Lana Sinclair… (more…)

Lana Sinclair Receives Some News

As she prepares for her match tonight, a note arrives and catches Lana Sinclair off-guard… (more…)

Episode 14 Fight Card

It’s here! The newest fight card for the next Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment event!