Episode 12

Episode 12: The California Cutie vs. Thorne

The California Cutie goes against all odds to take on Thorne, the vicious newcomer to B.A.B.E.

Can the Cutie overcome her foe and deliver a surprising victory or will Thorne squash her with ease?

Episode 12: The Showstopper vs. Shizu Shimada

Margot ‘The Showstopper’ Moore, granddaughter of legendary Marla Moore, joins the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league!

In her debut match, she takes on the sleek and dangerous Shizu Shimada. Will Moore’s debut fizzle out or can she impress the B.A.B.E. fans?


Episode 12 Fight Card!

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The Showstopper Arrives

Margot Moore explores her new boxing home… (more…)

A Tasty Snack

The California Cutie gets on Thorne’s radar… (more…)

Long-Awaited Confrontation

The American Dream finally confronts the Red Scare… (more…)

Clarisse Arrives

The former French champion lands in B.A.B.E.! (more…)