Month: July 2017

Fighting Angel Friday!

Episode 5: The Golden Glove vs. The Red Scare


Capitalism versus Communism!

The Golden Glove, representing Capitalism, takes on the threat of Communism, represented by the Red Scare!

The winner of this match will take home the prizefight money of the loser!

Who will be walking out of the ring with double the pay, the Capitalist or the Communist?

Episode 5: Fuchsia vs. The Latin Spitfire

In the next match, the hot-headed Latin Spitfire takes on the pop superstar, Fuchsia.

Will Fuchsia give the Latin Spitfire a taste of her success?

Episode 5: The American Dream vs. The Shadow

In the next battle, the American Dream dons the gloves to go up against the Shadow.

Will the Shadow prove to be a nightmare for the American Dream?

Episode 5: The Bouncin’ Bombshell vs. The Irish Rose

The Bouncin’ Bombshell, Cheryl Williams, goes head-to-head with Irish Rose McKenna in our next bout.

Can the cheerleader overcome Rose’s challenge?

Episode 5: Farah Fox vs. The Italian Knockout

In the next match, two gorgeous beauties collide in the ring as Farah Fox faces the Italian Knockout, Tina Corretti.

In the end, one woman will be left standing. Who will it be?

Episode 5: The Rumblin’ Rocket vs. Roxy Starr

In our next bout, the Rumblin’ Rocket, Amber Skye, makes her official return to B.A.B.E. as she goes up against Roxy Starr.

Will Roxy stop Amber’s comeback before it begins?