Month: July 2018

Episode 12: Clarisse Cloutier vs. Penelope Primrose

Former French foxy boxing champion, Clarisse Cloutier, has arrived! After abdicating her title back home, she is ready for a new slew of competition here in the league.

But her first opponent is former U.K. champion, Penelope Primrose. These two European powerhouses will collide in the ring!

When the dust settles, only one will be left standing.


Episode 12: T.N.T. vs. The Latin Spitfire

‘The Latin Spitfire’ Maria Sanchez has been a thorn in the American Dream’s side, helping the Red Scare to humiliate her. She has promised to be by her mentor’s side tonight in the Main Event.

But this time, Tracy ‘T.N.T.’ Tatum is stepping in to challenge the Spitfire to a fight in an effort to keep the Main Event a fair match-up.

Can T.N.T. knock her out and keep her from ringside? Or will the Latin Spitfire be victorious and stand by the Red Scare in the Main Event?

Episode 12: The California Cutie vs. Thorne

The California Cutie goes against all odds to take on Thorne, the vicious newcomer to B.A.B.E.

Can the Cutie overcome her foe and deliver a surprising victory or will Thorne squash her with ease?

Episode 12: The Showstopper vs. Shizu Shimada

Margot ‘The Showstopper’ Moore, granddaughter of legendary Marla Moore, joins the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league!

In her debut match, she takes on the sleek and dangerous Shizu Shimada. Will Moore’s debut fizzle out or can she impress the B.A.B.E. fans?